The crystal bed is used as energy healers for treating various health issues. A number of massage therapists make the patients lie with a pure white cloth covered over their entire face .Seven cylinders are placed above the cylinder where each one contain a crystal, a color filter and a light that directs the light through the crystal and directly pinpoints the energy in the human body .Each filler and crystal are entirely filled with positive qualities and energies.

When you direct the light through the crystals, John of God discovered would activate the healing properties of the crystals in order to stimulate the entire energy system to create a sort of harmony for the sake of good.

On the other hand, John of God is considered as a spiritual leader. He started healing the clinic when he discovered by opening himself to the universal positivity and divine love. In fact, these energies are directed through John of God to heal the people. John of God’s crystal bed therapy is another alternative way of accessing the divine healing energy.

Crystals are associated with the word healing, wisdom and luck. That’s why crystal therapy is considered as a growing art. It is also known that crystal oscillates and refract in several special ways and its interior construction is unique to each crystal in a number of ways. In this relate, crystal bed therapy can also be regarded as a type of Reiki healing.