Get Rid of Termites

Termites cause extensive damage to buildings in many metro cities with good soil profile. The texture and organic matter content of the soil in Bangalore city is favoring the termite population every year. Costly rebuilding is often necessary to repair their damage. On the other hand, if evidence of termites is found, there is no immediate cause for alarm. It usually takes several years for a building to become structurally weakened as a result of termite feeding. To save our properties it becomes essential to get into actions which get rid of termites.
Termites live as a social colony consisting queen, king, solders and workers. According to their habits, termites can be divided into two well defined groups:
a) Subterranean or ground nesting termites which build nests in the soil and live in them, and
b) Non-subtemnean or wood nesting termites which live in wood with no contact with soil

 Termites also known as white ants live as a social colony consisting queen, king, solders and workers. Queen controls and runs the society as leader for food, security and reproduction. Workers make the tunnel path to harvest cellulose food in any kind of materials in any place.
 Swarms of winged reproductive flying from the soil or wood are the first indication of termite infestation in a building.
 Termite damage is not always evident from the exterior in the case of subterranean termites
 A successful termite control process should include complete inspection, Marking the root cause.
 We should go for pre construction termite control measure for every building according to Indian standards norms

The scientific data evinced that domestic exposure to cockroaches, mice, and dust mites cause asthma. These pests are common in urban environments and play a significant role in the pathogenesis of urban asthma. Creating awareness on basic facts about these dangerous urban pests is the vital thing which leads to implementation of effective pest control measures at all levels.

Beware that we can’t completely eradicate pest from this world as they are part and partial of this evolutionary word which meant for every fittest organism.
We can only manage them.
Let us try to manage pest without much damage to the environment
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