From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show provides many benefits for your business. It is a powerful platform to reach out to your existing clients, meet new customers and build a more established and reliable brand. Unfortunately, the worst result of all is that being ignored by your audience. You need to have a strategy that is more obvious than others, but if you’re still having trouble scoring any meaningful interactions, the following ideas could certainly help you interact with the visitors.

Vibrant display boards – Firstly, it is the pop display stands you use to broadcast your message that will determine who comes your way and who doesn’t. You need to ensure that you not only stand out among all others but convey a message that attracts customers. The most important rule is to keep the text minimum using short and punchy lines to get your message across. Also, make sure that you present and organise your display both neatly and eye-catchy.

Interactive display stands – Another fantastic way to draw attention to your stand is to add a touch of interactivity to your actual pop stands. It may sound tricky but is actually easy. Invest in a quality system that is built to support either a television screen or an iPad.  The great thing in this is that not only does the mixture of media help increase your stand’s visual appearance but also gives your audiences the chance to interact with your brand.

Host a prize draw – Prize draw is the way in which just two to three gifts is all it takes to guarantee a massive spike. Make it as easy as possible for the audience to enter, either by leaving a business card or just their basic contact details. This gives you the opportunity to interact with everyone that comes your way. This also helps in building up a database of contacts you can follow up after the event.

Offer exclusive discounts – There is nothing like a sense of urgency to encourage your prospects to make a purchase or sign up for something. In a trade show or an expo, one of the most common and indeed effective approaches is to offer some kind of discount or special offer that is valid there and then.

These are some of the tips that will attract the attention of the audience and build your brand awareness.