Many aesthetic practices as well as spas, often look for new ways to provide their clients with result-oriented treatments to combat the ageing process. These new treatments attract new clients, keep them coming for more and provide a refreshed and steady stream of income for the business.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine is a cost-effective entry into aesthetics and a smart addition to your spa menu. Procedures with IPL machines are one of the top most requested cosmetic treatments along with microdermabrasion, Botox and fillers. Treatments with IPL are not only beneficial for permanent hair removal but also for skin rejuvenation. However, before you buy IPL machine, the first step is to identify which treatments would you like to provide. Never start by buying a machine and then look for treatments that you can provide.

The treatments provided with IPL machine are categorised as Photochemical, Photothermal and Photoablative. Photochemical treatments require low-level equipment. Photothermal treatments require class IV machines which are beneficial in permanent hair removal, tattoo removal and pigmentation removal whereas Photoablative treatments also require class IV IPL machines which are mostly used in doctor’s practices or hospitals. These machines remove the top layer of the skin and are used in various surgeries.

Once you know the treatment range that you would like to provide and which group of machines can provide these treatments, the next step is identifying the needs of your clients. IPL is suitable for lighter skin tone based on Fitzpatrick scale. This scale is a numerical classification scheme for the colour of the skin and rates skin type’s I-VI. Skin type I being light while type VI identifies as very dark brown to black. If the demographics of your clients are I-IV, IPL is an ideal asset to your professional skin care equipment.

The second step is to buy a machine that has safe, long pulse duration, the latest technology for effective treatments and low liability. Make sure that the machine you choose has a user-friendly interface that allows simple programming and setup. Also, the replacement bulb should be low on maintenance that allows you to change it in the office rather than sending it to the service centre.

By buying IPL machine you can count on increased revenue generation and a rapid return on your investment. IPL machine can pay for themselves in as little as two treatments a month. It’s a smart business acquisition that will work in conjunction with your other skin treatments.