Initially there were only certain parts of the software development process from Offshore Software Development Company that companies were comfortable outsourcing. One could roughly divide the development process into various stages of analysis of a need, creation of a requirements definition, relating this definition to a software specification, designing the software, writing and coding, and then implementing and testing it.

Coding was seen as a relatively easy part of the process to outsource and was not high skilled like the design phase. However, many Offshore Software Development Company have evolved and their extensive experience in writing and supporting software has naturally led them to provide their skills in designing software. Having expanded the gamut of services they offer, Indian software providers along with creating customized software to suit specific requirements have also, through their experience, developed structured methodologies, procedures, and documentation that gives their customers a competitive advantage.
Indian software companies are constantly improving standards, ramping up their employee base, and opening development centers and sales offices abroad in anticipation of a higher demand for their constantly expanding range of services.


Concern Area

As the Offshore Software Development Company has evolved so has the cost advantage, which is decreasing. Though Offshore Software Development Company still carried out at a fraction of what it is in the US and several other countries, employee costs have risen considerably. This is likely to affect margins and consequently profitability.

However, there is no dearth of talent and expertise in the country and many companies are opening centers in smaller towns and cities and helping to develop the software industry in these places.
Also considering the high quality of the solutions provided as well as the success of Offshore Software Development Company where Indian companies design creative unique solutions, companies wanting to outsource will still find India an attractive destination.

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