Do you want to design your master bathroom for a new home or want to remodel your existing bath? Opt for double sink bathroom vanity and spruce up your toilet in an exclusive style. However, you should consider a few things before getting the vanity installed in your bathroom. Think about whether you want a large tub, the size and shape of your mirrors and the color of the wall. Your loved ones can help you out in this regard or you can take solution from a design expert. It’s no doubt that a double sink vanity is an attractive fixture. This helps two family members to share the sink. As a result of which, nobody fights over space. Let’s check out the advantage and disadvantage of remodeling master bath with double sink bathroom vanity :

§  Advantage – If you want to install two sinks and mirrors, out of which one is large, you will get your own space for performing morning and evening rituals. You will not have to get worried about getting out of sync and having your toothpaste on someone else. Moreover, if you are thinking about selling your home after a few years, having double sink bathroom vanity will be an added advantage. This can even increase the selling value of your home. Many prefer double sink bathroom vanity as this can be a big selling point, adding value to the home.

§  Disadvantage – Now, let’s find out the disadvantage as to why you don’t want to install the double sink bathroom vanity. First of all you have to measure the space availing for installing vanities in your bathroom. You have to check out whether two of your family members are crowding for counter space and whether your family members will be jostling with each other as the sinks are placed close together on the counter. In case you have found that you do not adequate space between double sink vanities, this will not be a very comfortable solution for you. In such a case, the result will not be very attractive. Moreover, this would reduce the value of the home as the future buyers may feel that standing next to one another is too close to being comfortable. Furthermore, if you are having space crunch, you should think about the entire cost, including the cost of vanity assemblies, mirrors and plumbing. Usually, it costs more to plumb two sinks rather than plumbing a single one.

Now, the question is how you should work around the problems. Before giving up hope of having your double sink bathroom vanity installed for performing your morning ritual, you should find out the options for saving on space. In case you are running short of counter space, you can have floating vanities, cabinets and shelves into the wall around mirrors rather than installing two in-counter vanities. By doing this, you will get small double vanities with enhanced storage space. Moreover, floating vanities along with cabinets and shelves are clean, attractive and cost-effective. Hence, if you want a double vanity but don’t have adequate counter space, you may still get alternatives to work around the problem. Place order for your desired double sink bathroom vanity and remodel master bath in an exclusive way.


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