We are the World’s Biggest Finder of Cannabis Companies

We at Weed Finder feel proud enough to announce to the world that we are at the moment the world’s biggest finder of weed. No other finder of weed on the Internet has a bigger weed directory than us. Our weed companies directory and our cannabis companies directory is the largest directory for such companies in the world.

At our weed finder directory, you can find nearly 4,000 weed dispensary shops, around 6000 weed grow shops, approximately 2500 weed delivery services, and around 100 coffee shops. You can also find marijuana prices of various marijuana types at our cannabis news section.

Find Your Cannabis Companies Easily

You can easily find weed companies and cannabis companies easily with our help. All what you have to do is to visit our weed finder directory section. After you have reached our finder of weed, just type in the name of the city in which you want to find cannabis companies.

Our weed finder features a complete list of all weed companies in the United States that sell medical marijuana. We also plan in the near future to enable the ability for our visitors to read cannabis news at the same time and search for companies that sell cannabis.

Cannabis News

Each day, something new happens regarding the legalization of cannabis in the United States and in the other parts of the world. If you want to keep up with the latest news about cannabis legalization, you can read about it in our cannabis news.

At our cannabis news, you can also read about the latest marijuana prices of the medical cannabis. We must say that every news about cannabis that we post to our news about cannabis section is double-checked and that it is completely true. We don’t post false information about cannabis and false news. Also, we only post true and current marijuana prices of the medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

Ask Us Anything

You can feel free to ask us anything you are interested in regarding marijuana prices, weed companies, cannabis companies, our weed finder feature, and other things by calling us at our official phone number 888.802.WEED.

If you don’t feel like calling us, you can always send us an email at service@weedfinder.com.



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