Taking GRE might be a big hurdle when it comes to getting into grad school. The good news is that it is possible to study abroad without giving GRE as well. There are many programs which do not require the GRE including masters and Ph.D. programs. Below is an account of the options you have for studying abroad without GRE.

GRE Waived Program:

Executive Programs: – The programs designed for working professionals usually do not require GRE. These programs are offered for the working individuals and so the work experience is more important than the test scores. The work experience required in such cases are often of 5+ years. These professional programs are often offered by the university’s school of professional studies.

MFA Program:The Master of Fine Arts Programs are the advanced degrees for those who are involved in the creative pursuits like film, painting, music, creative writing etc. These programs again ask for the portfolio of your creative work rather than your GRE scores. You are evaluated and primarily based on the strength of your work.

Online Masters Degree: The online programs are not very selective when it comes to having students on board since there is no hassle of accommodation, classroom etc. so it does not take many resources to deliver the course. On the other hand, all the programs offered online are not legitimate. The value added by these programs is of little value in the real world. So it is imperative for the students to judge the quality of education and recognition before applying for the same.

Common Policies Related to GRE Waiver:

Professional Experience:Many schools waive off the GRE requirement for the applicants having prior professional experience. Having a relevant work experience of 5 years is considered as the standard requirement to allow admission without GRE.

Undergraduate GPA:Schools waive off GRE scores if the students have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 out of 4.0. However, there are certain universities that waive off GRE for students having a GRE score of even 2.8. It varies from university to university.

Other Graduate Degree:There are programs that are willing to waive off the GRE score in case you have a JD or Ph.D. You should check with the respective university.

Universities Offering Admission Without GRE Score:

  1. Boston University
  2. Florida State University
  3. University of Illinois
  4. Oregon State
  5. University of New Hampshire
  6. California State University Fullerton
  7. University of Manchester United Kingdom
  8. University of Melbourne
  9. Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies
  10. University of California-Berkeley

Sending Optional GRE Score:

There are various programs that ask for the optional GRE scores and this might make you wonder whether you need to send the GRE scores or not. If the scores are really optional then sending your scores is not that crucial. However, you can choose to send them if your scores are really impressive. If the universities recommend you to provide the GRE scores then the best option is to go for it.  As an exception, if your scores are way too low then you need not send your GRE scores.


You can get into Grad School without writing GRE for real! There are various programs that do not require GRE. MFAs focus more on your creative work as a criterion for admission. Online programs do not require stringent screening and do not have GRE requirement. Executive study abroad programs are also work-experience oriented. The students need to consider few things before applying to universities which do not require GRE. In some disciplines, no-GRE programs might not be as prestigious as the ones with GRE. Not taking GRE might reduce your chances of applying to all the universities that you otherwise can. If you have already given GRE but could not score well then try taking it again before going to the no-GRE option. You can weigh your options and take an informed decision based on the same. All the Best!