Aside from the potential adverse impact on your carpets, plain old drinking water might ruin your upholstered chairs, couches, armchairs, and sofa altogether. If the spill comes from hot water or other liquids, the steam can just be as damaging as the moisture.

Water On Upholstery And Carpets

When moisture enters into contact with your carpets or upholstery, their fibers swell and unfortunately does not retract when dried. The moisture they hold increases their ability to throw back light compared with the untouched fibers.

Effortlessly, you can now see the wet spot from a reasonable reach, and if you refrain from doing anything about it soon enough, you can expect that patch to be lighter than the rest of your carpet or upholstery. You will then have an irreversible spot that might be impossible to restore that stays until what remains of the material has been substantially stained to camouflage the water damage.

Natural fibers can easily deteriorate by more than a third of its original condition when exposed to moisture; hence, using water when carpet cleaning (or upholstery cleaning) can be potentially dangerous when done incorrectly.

Be Spill-Proof

If your carpet and upholstery consist of wool, sisal, and other natural fibers, try to avoid consuming your beverages around these areas or at least be consciously cautious in avoiding spills. After all, it will be counterproductive for your upholstery not to be enjoyed with your coffee or wine when the right occasion calls for a great drink. Opt for containers that are spill-proof, especially when you have kids and pets at home.

If there was an unavoidable spill, big or small, clean it up ASAP before the damage becomes permanent and irreversible. Use absorbent pads or paper towel to blot water spills, while a good cleaning solution can help with colored stains. Make sure to dry the area completely to avoid discoloration.

Carpet Cleaners

Calgary stores and supermarkets (plus tons of advertisements) probably have enticed you to buy upholstery or a carpet cleaner marketed to work with DIY couch cleaning or area rug cleaning, whichever you thought of first.

You probably have bought yourself a device that promises steam cleaning carpets or upholstery as quick, safe, and hassle-free as possible (or even replace professional carpet cleaning). Then again, you might have to read that manual thoroughly to make sure your device does not ruin your fittings. Too much water may leave your furniture or floors too wet, while wrong temperature settings may damage the fibers.

You also have to be careful about those store-bought carpet cleaning supplies that promise to provide professional-grade results. Most of these products, if not all, use a substantial amount of water that can be damaging when not dried out completely. We’ve heard DIYers plead guilty of buyer’s remorse for these products, especially from those who ditched carpet cleaning services and upholstered furniture maintenance from experts. For wanting to save up on costs without the right equipment, supplies, and training, they ended up more to reverse the extent of damages.