It is true that we are all very busy in the mornings. We are either trying to prepare the kids for school or rushing to catch the morning bus for work. Most times if we are lucky enough, it is by mid day that we remember that we didn’t have breakfast. Surprisingly like most of us, many people are just too busy to bother about eating breakfast. The possibility to overeating after skipping breakfast is very high. On the other hand, if you eat a health breakfast, you get the energy to face a hectic day and you can be sure you will be making smart decisions all day long.

Most of us will justify skipping breakfast with the excuse that we will be having the best brunch ever later. However, this is no excuse to skip this very important meal of the day. Some people will skip breakfast with the aim of losing weight. However, this can instead disturb yourself imposed task of losing weight.

Benefits health and wellbeing

Like the name suggest, a breakfast means the body is breaking a fast after a long night of no food. If you decide to go out of the house without breaking the overnight fast, you will be putting the body under strain as it will be working without necessary fuel. Of course you know that food is the fuel the body needs to function properly. According to advice from nutritionists, breakfast should be taken within two hours of waking up. They also advise that at twenty percent of the recommended daily calorie level should be eaten at breakfast. To make your breakfast healthier you can vegan recipes order online and get benefits.

Breakfast does not only provide us with energy. Most of the food eaten at breakfast contains a lot of nutrients such as calcium and fiber. If you are searching best breakfast then you should think about healthy raw vegan recipes. It has been noted that when these are missed at breakfast, the likelihood of eating them during the day is very slim. Since fruit and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and other nutrients, nutritionist advice to include at least apportion of the daily recommended five at breakfast.

Further, research has shown that people who eat breakfast are less likely to become over weight. This can be explained by the fact that people who skip breakfast tend to eat a lot of fatty and high calorie snacks even before mid day. If you are more conscious about calorie intake, you must check vegan desserts recipes, it will help you to complete your dessert’s craving without enough calorie intakes.

There is also research to show that breakfast has a cognitive effect on the body. People who take breakfast tend to be happier and less stress full throughout the day. Research done on children has shown that breakfast can improve children’s mental ability and hence their grades at school. Overall, breakfast has very good effects on the general health of the person. It is also a time when the family can share a meal together before everybody dashes off to face a busy day.



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