The concept of a “Free Zone” or “Special Economic Region” has been developed internationally as a model to help develop and promote business in many countries. There are no taxes to speak of, on or offshore, but 100% foreign ownership and customs privileges make the free zones the most favorable locations in the Middle East for international operations. The UAE (Dubai in particular) originally established Free-Zones to attract the trade and export companies, with a high degree of success. Many new Free-Zones have since been added within the UAE.

There are 2 main types of Free-Zone corporate entities, namely;


The main difference between an “Establishment” and a “Company” is the number of shareholders required. An “Establishment” is a single-shareholder (either a person or a company) while a “Company” is actually a Limited Liability Company and generally requires 2 or more shareholders.

Both offer the same operational benefits. Depending on the Free Zone there may also be differences in the share capital requirements. Some free zones even don’t require any share capital.
You will be the 100% owner of a Free Zone company and by having this structure you can trade internationally and between the free zones, you can import / export the goods without any taxes or duties however, dealings with mainland (Dubai) will be subject to 5 per cent duty as well as you cannot sell your products within Dubai mainland directly but only through distributor or agent. There are number of developed free zones in Dubai,UAE i.e Jabel Ali Free zone (JAFZA) , Dubai Multi Commoditity Centre (DMCC), Ajman Free Zone, Dubai Free Airport Free Zone, etc..

Each Free Zone is set to register companies in their own line of business and each one of them has a different set of requirements, cost and legal structure. The choosing right jurisdiction depends on short term and long term objective of the firm and cost difference.

Benefits That All Free Zones in UAE Offered

100% ownership of business. 100% tax free import/Export activities. 3 years visas for investors, staff and family members; Greater growth potential due to strategic location. Well established transport network and road connectivity. Affordable cost for high quality labor; 100% repatriation of profits and investments. Independent bank account opening and maintaining. Warehouse facilities & virtual office facilities

Free zone is the Ideal space for doing any kind of local & international trading, services etc.

Type of Licenses

  • Commercial license covering all kinds of trading activities
  • Professional license covering professional services, other services, management consultancy or public relations
  • Industrial license includes all manufacturing businesses or operations involving processing goods or packaging products for sale

What We Do

  • Deliver strategic ideas on identifying the suitable free zone area for the client
  • prepare all incorporation documents
  • Name approvals and other governmental approvals
  • Assistance  in Bank account opening
  • Acting as your personal advisors for all business registration and continuity
  • Assistance in Audit reports & Book keeping
  • Feasibility and project reports for the new incorporations and much more…

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