Nature has made life including humans with finest of mechanisms and physiologies that promise health and progeny as the core and fundamental objectives. However, the life we humans live and the manner in which we have carved our environment/ambiences has led to mismatch with the core functions that nature ensured in us. This causes health distortions. Minor health problems have become part of life and we take it for granted! In some cases, it has been also found that our body reacts more than normal through our immune system to generate auto immune disorders of diversity. Many people have sinus problems wherein they suffer from blocked nose often or loss of smell occasionally or specific conditions like occurrence of nasal polyps in the nose passage. Swelling in nasal passages is one symptom that is almost common in different sinus problems and this is called as sinusitis.


These conditions could be temporary in most cases while in others this could be lifelong symptom without creating any major inconsistency in day to day life; the quality of life of course gets hampered! Ayurveda, the ancient medicine system from India has touched upon sinus problems of different types as allergic disorders. Kairali – the leading Ayurvedic healing and wellness brand has made use of its 10 decades old practice and allied expertise to develop Ayurvedic remedies for sinusitis. Kairali has manufactured Anuthailam – a dedicated therapy against sinus disorders & regular use of it helps relieve the symptoms and also clears the root causes of sinus problem.


Sinusitis – caused due to immune response!


Sinusitis is not potentially dangerous condition and mostly it involves swelling in the nasal passage as a result of allergic reaction against the external agents that body considers harmful. This is purely an immune response from within and there is no reason to explain as why the immune system responds differently in individuals. The excess and reactive responses can occur almost instantly, like if person has allergy for pollens, dust or specific aroma or else. More generic causes of sinusitis could be traced to ‘allergy’ as (maybe) possessed by the individual. When considered from the immune dimension, such responses (like swelling of nasal mucus membrane) can be considered sort of protective attempt by the body with the objective of preventing the harmful agents (pathogens/toxins/chemicals) from entering into the body. When these responses get too aggressive like almost blocking the nasal passage so that air flow is obstructed then it becomes a cause of concern and is termed as sinusitis – a condition of medical significance. Sinusitis remedies are developed to control such symptoms, especially if these are a temporary phenomenon and person does not carry the same as a lifetime disorder.


Kairali has developed Anuthailam which is counted among the best Ayurvedic products for sinusitis. It is a purely herbal formulation that relieves the swelling and restores the normal functioning of nasal passage.


Anuthailam – clears sinus infections


In most of the temporary cases of sinusitis, the main cause is infections through pathogens of diversity which are of course harmful for the body and health. The common cold and flu infections can be counted in this segment. However, body’s own defense mechanism does the task of preventing such pathogens to enter and in such attempt, the nasal membrane gets swollen. Mucus is also secreted in large quantity to drain out the pathogens. However, excess mucus and swelling blocks the nose airways and hence difficulty in breathing! Kairali’s Anuthailam is also a strong natural antibiotic that helps clear the germs in the nasal passage and hence pacifies the strong immune reactions. This makes Anuthailam apt for sinus infection cure and allied symptoms’ reduction.


Ayurvedic sinus remedies for complete relief


In some individuals, sinus conditions are a permanent feature to affect life and living. As stated above, this is due to auto immune disorder and associated allergies as a result of which immune system responds abnormally against harmless inputs. This condition requires gradual conditioning of immune responses without disabling the core mechanism in any manner! Regular use of Anuthailam does this effectively and Kairali’s holistic sinus remedies also propose complementary exercises in the form of yoga pranayams for optimized results in definite time frame.