Customer expectations are increasing with each passing year. This calls for the creation of a seamless experience that spans the showroom floor to the social media platforms. This can be done by providing exceptional customer support through multiple channels including social media. Let’s have a look at the best strategies to provide an unmatched customer support through social media:

Practice social media listening:

Social media listening is all about researching and identifying the channels that are mostly used by your target audience. This identification should then be followed by an analysis of volumes for each social channel so as to help you plan resources for each of these channels. It is advisable to utilize social customer service tools with analytics for this purpose. Consider going through the comments to know their pain points. Thereafter you can work on removing these pain points and enhancing your customer support.

Provide faster responses:

According to a research, about 40% of customers who put forward their complaints on social platforms expect a response within an hour. Also, customers expect the same response on social media as they would if they called the company with the same complaint. You need to make sure that either you resolve the query within an hour or let them know that you’re working on it if it’s not possible to find a solution within the given time frame.

Act human:

Using canned responses is a common practice at customer support centers. Canned responses are predefined answers to most common questions. Though they facilitate agent’s work by enabling them to provide faster responses but when used on social media, they sound a bit robotic. As a matter of fact, the responses should be handled in a more personalized manner, in the case of social media. Acting human can actually help make customers feel valued and keep them coming back.

Engage frequently:

Apart from query resolution, you can use social media to engage with your customers on a regular basis. An exceptional customer is not only about being there for your customers in their hour of need, it is much more than that. It also calls for engaging with customers all along the sales funnel, having conversations with them via social platforms, appreciating and encouraging them. This can further help in building strong customer relationships and brand loyalty.

Source: Live Chat Agent

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