Da Nang vacation package for tour to Vietnam

The coastal city in Vietnam is Da Nang. This is very popular with its sandy beach, and also famous for thecolonial port of French. There is an Island called Ba Na hills which are apopular spot of the coastal belt.This is located in the west of the city.


Da Nang vacation package


  • All travel options will be explored through the vacation package.Which includes hotels, shopping information, tours as well food comprises of lunch, dinner, and breakfast.
  • Famous spots are mainly manmade structures, old pagodas, buildings of colonial French.
  • For sun basking some beaches are famous for my the beach and Nun No beach, which is famous for fun filled activities like swimming and surfing.
  • There are popular religious based tourist spots like Da Nang cathedral and Cao Di Temple.
  • Numerous museums are dedicated to military conflicts.
  • There is a marvel mountain, whose caves are very fetching.

Beijing the beauty spreads at broad day light


  • Some beautiful, attractive places of Beijing, which attracts tourist all over the world. It can be completed on the same day, but it is worth to stay a day or two.
  • Day trips from Beijing are very popular. The top five tourist spots which attract.
  • Badaling pass and the great wall of china
  • The summer palace
  • The Ming tombs
  • Fragrant Hills park
  • The macro polo bridge.


There are seven types of Expats in Shanghai. Those who are expatriates in china are earning very well about $300000 in a year.


  • Fortune Rookie
  • Clubber Shang
  • PR Asite
  • The Hai Tai
  • ABC
  • Shangailander
  • Sanghyena


The china tour


Guilin china tour is the tour conducted to visit the city of Guilin, which is located in southern china. Two famous lakes over there are Shanhu and Ronghu. It is famous for idyllic countryside and landscape of karst.


Guilin city tour is for touring the city of Guilin which afamous tourist destination. It has beautiful scenic beauty. This attracts tourists. Some spots are must visit like Longji rice terraces and mountain village to feel the essence of the lifestyle of the people of china who are in minority section.



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