There are several advantages of keeping your home’s dryer vent and roof exhausts clean and debris free. Periodical examining and cleaning of dryer vents can be cost-effective and time-saving. Although you can perform this task yourself, but it’s also a good idea to have technicians come once in a year and provide your dryer unit a thorough clean. These days, newer homes often place dryer vents away from outside walls which make the dryer vents at a long distance. This also makes vents inspection and debris removal extremely complicated.

NJ pest Control Company is offering the great dryer vent inspection services to prohibit the wildlife creatures, junk, and other nuisances from entering into the dryer vents.

Inspection of dryer vents and roof exhaust vents

The dryer vents are the most ignored part of homes. It is necessary to regularly inspect your dryer vent systems and roof exhaust on the attics. These areas are the common entry points for raccoons, flying squirrels, bats, rodents, and nesting birds. These unwanted creatures find these areas safe to dwell and multiply rapidly. Wild beasts can also access homes through these areas and can cause serious damage to your home. There are several pest control firms provide inspection services of dryer vent systems. They also offer proper cleaning services to prevent these annoying creatures. The reliable pest management companies also recommend housekeepers to visually inspect the exterior vent hood on the side of the home when the dryer vent systems are operating.

On top of that, it is highly recommended to thoroughly examine and clean these areas, if you cannot feel any airflow. Because the contaminated dryer vents can cause pest intrusions and dryer explosions.

Preventative measures

Nowadays, dryer vents are the no 1 cause of fires in both residential and commercial premises. Below mentioned are the necessary steps to keep the dryer vents clean and clutter-free.

• Ensure that the lint trap has no rips. A wet lint is a clear sign that it’s time to clean your dryer vents.
• Clean the lint screen once in a week. You can scrub it with any dishwashing soap or detergent.
• Never dry your clothes or rags that are soaked with any flammables. It will cause a fire in our dryer vent.
• There are various products available at online to clean your dryer vent systems. The products include brushes with rods. Sometimes rods can be associated to a high powered drill.
• Call the trained professionals for vent cleaning services. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the entire dryer vent system are necessary once in a year.