Use of Backdrop Banner Stands

Banners are the perfect symbols to highlight a company’s product in a venue or in huge business investors meets. Nowadays the uses of banners are into the hype because of the hardcore competition in the industry and to prove the competitors you need a strong stand to survive. For the displays, at event, conventions or at trade shows the use of backdrop banner stands are must as the appropriate solution to promote your business or company.

Importance of banners

Wide level of advertisement for a new and established product

One time investment for 5-7 years, if the product is unchanged

Easy to carry and display

The banner stands can be managed by the regular staff and no special technician is required

Durable material and metal for the stands

Environment-friendly colours are used to save the atmosphere and are recyclable.

Backdrop banner stands V/s fixed banners

The banner stands are portable and affordable just like other large backdrop banners but the fixed banners are risky to remove from the walls due to fear of breakage. Whereas the banner stands can be simply rolled down after the display and are easily stored in safe places.

There are carry cases to hold the backdrop banner stands which are of the top quality material, on the other hand, the banners that are fixed on walls does not have the guarantee to be peeled off safely and not possible to store.

The large banners are stubborn to fix and take off but the backdrop banner stands can be easily rolled after every professional event or at the closing hours of the company. The banner stands have a pulley inside the roll ups which helps in collapsing the banner automatically without external or manual labour.

There are jumbo as well as lightweight backdrop banner stands that are adjustable and can be fitted to several sizes of banners. The banner stands can be adjusted with the existing grommets and hems instead of creating new pole pockets to fix the banners. The fixing tools can be arranged from your local shops of hardware like hooks and locks of wire rings.

The two varieties of backdrop banner stands are curved and straight which can manage all types of dimensional banners.

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