For decades builders and remodelers resolved any problems they experienced with home ceilings by spraying them with various textured products. These spray textures resemble popcorn, so all textured ceilings acquired lumped into this nick name.

There are different types of texture products used at different quality levels. A good quality textured ceiling, will probably be worth keeping. An undesirable popcorn ceiling might just have to go. You must decide what you want your room to look like when it’s all done, if a textured ceiling will improve or detract from that look. You decide whether you should go for popcorn removal, or keep it.

Removing popcorn texture

The inferior quality of the uneven surfaces won’t hold up against painting with a roller or clean. Clumps will fall off when the paint wets them. In cases like this you will need to spray paint on them or decide to remove it, before painting. An unpainted surface is fairly simple to remove. It is messy, and that means you need to cover everything with tarps or plastic. Using protecting covering that you can roll-up in the removed popcorn structure and get rid of is most beneficial. Some can be scraped off with extensive putty cutlery while dry as well as others have to be moist first. Textured ceilings which may have been painted over will never be easy to eliminate.

Removing texture and sheet rock

If you have a textured surface that comes off easily, you can remove it, patch and fine sand the ceiling and also have a nice easy surface to colouring. Some textured ceilings will not come off well and you may be better off with popcorn ceiling removal Broward and sheet rock simultaneously, and then set up new Sheetrock that may be taped and done smoothly for a fresh look to the area.

Painting recommendations

You may get products for repair to make the ceiling look better, than colouring the textured ceiling to fit your room. Painting textured ceilings is a cheap option to popcorn removal cost and all the labour and hassle involved.
Painting a popcorn ceiling will improve its look and add style to the room. Spraying the paint on popcorn ceilings provides an improved finished look with minimal amount of damage to the texture. You might have a room with a damaged ceiling and also be better off making use of ceiling texture to hide the defects. You may hire a sprayer to use popcorn ceiling or hire a company to do it for you. An excellent quality textured ceiling with a coating of paint can last for years.

Any contractor being considered for the job of popcorn ceiling removal Broward should give a written contract with all the current information on what would and wouldn’t normally be included in the price.

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