After completing 12th grade in science stream, students have loads of professional courses to choose from. Among the long list of courses available, engineering is one of the sought after programs. While it seems harmless at first sight, it brings along with it one dark problem- job market saturation. A huge number of students opting for engineering program have led it to become saturated that is, it has become difficult for engineering graduates to find a desired job. A good way to deal with this major problem is to select those engineering branch that can offer numerous job opportunities in various fields. Another way to tackle this issue to opt for the new branches of engineering that can offer an excellent career outlook to meet the upcoming demands of the society. Top engineering institutes in Gurgaon  offer several new branches of engineering programs that will help its students to enjoy a numerous job opportunities in various fields both in the government and private sectors.

Here, in this article, some of the new branches of engineering programs are discussed.


Biomedical engineering program combines the study of medicine and biology. The students of this branch are trained to apply their knowledge and skill sets to biological and medical sciences. They study to assist in the advancements in healthcare treatment technology. It is a fast moving industry and can be a rewarding career path to opt for.


This particular branch includes the study of organisms and mechanics, and how the combinations of the two can solve numerous problems. It is a growing industry and its practical applications include environmental challenges like keeping waterways free from pollution.  This branch shares close ties with agricultural and biomedical engineering for further studies.


It is a specific part of civil engineering branch and its specializations includes the study of different structures such as houses, commercial buildings, shopping complexes and so forth. Through this program, the students study and understand the construction of buildings and the effects of natural factors like erosion, wind and water to ensure buildings and structures are safe for a longer period of time. However, some of the institutes include this program in the civil engineering branch itself.


Mechatronics is a blend of mechanical and electronics engineering program and is an emerging hybrid engineering branch. The students here learn to operate mechanical equipments with the mix of electronics and software, based on computer and technology. They acquire intrinsic knowledge of electrical, electronics and mechanical engineering.


Bioinformatics is the study the application of information technology in order to study the living things at the molecular level. The students learn about the use of computer to collect, organize and use biological information to find answers in areas like evolutionary biology.

If you have completed your 12th grade in science stream and now want to pursue a degree in engineering program with the hope to enjoy numerous job opportunities, then you can get rolled into the top engineering colleges in Haryana or anywhere else across the country. These institutes offer the above mentioned and several engineering programs, and pursuing one will help you to sketch a successful career graph.