To get honorary consul appointment, one must have good merits because the selection process is on the basis of merit only.  They play the role of a bridge between the people of other country and the host nation. They enhance the bilateral relations which can be in trade, science, economy and culture between the sending country and the country of the citizenship. The most important thing which they can do is to develop the international relations. An honorary consul is the representative of the country who gives assistance and consular protection of citizens and institutions of their country. It works as a support system of an Embassy of the country who sends the cultural, traditional assistance and develops the relations. They can be with the sending country and their citizens.

The benefits of an honorary consul are ample because they can travel as VIP person, without VISAS. They can get an opportunity to meet the officials who are in the government department. They must be regular taxpayers with a great social status. They work on the behalf of the government who have the power, the will as well as the moral impetus for promoting the nation’s interest. They must put the nation’s interest as their ultimate motive to achieve. Their approach must be modern for achieving the foreign policy goals for increasing diplomatic relations by giving strengths to the relations of government officials and the diplomatic representatives. The flags on the cars boost the respect and integrity of their designation.

To get diplomatic appointment, one must possess the quality and ability to behave according to certain etiquette along with to promote their interests. Their duty is to collect post and information that can affect nation’s interest often without caring how their own country government responds. They convey the messages in the most persuasive way that can be the views of their own government to the foreign government.  They are the openers and closers of the continuous process from where foreign policy starts. Their duty is to secure communication systems also with the emails, and mobile telephones also.  It also unlocks the world of privilege and ample of opportunities. They can be available for selected individuals. They will get the guidance, care and legal advice by certain companies to obtain the goals.  They are directed connected to the country’s embassy as well as a delegation in a foreign country. They are career diplomats as well as political appointees enjoy the same diplomatic immunities.  They are connected to the government officials but they cannot act abruptly on any matter because of their posts which have major responsibility of implementing every action according to the benefit of the nation.

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