To get relief from cough and other associated symptoms, it is vital that you should use herbal remedy called Tuswas syrup being offered by Salveo Life Sciences, the leading herbal medicine manufacturing company.

A cough is the way the human body responds whenever something causes irritation to the throat. In fact, an irritant can stimulate the nerves that actually send the message to the brain. Then the human brain sends the signal to the muscles of the chest as well as abdomen to breathe out the air from the lungs and removes the irritant by all possible ways. An occasional cold and cough is quite a normal thing but the cough that actually persists for three to four weeks or the one that produces discolored or bloody mucus needs immediate medical attention.

There are a few factors that cause this kind of ailment. In the case of common cough, it is caused due to the infection of the upper respiratory tract and mostly affects the human throat. If it is the infection of lower respiratory tract, then the lungs may be infected and the airways also are lowered from the windpipe. It leads to bouts of coughing.

Long term chronic coughing is caused due to smoking, Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, the dripping of the mucus from the throat down to the back portion of the nose. In case of children, this type of chronic cough ailment occurs due to GERD and also because of asthma. Other less common causes of ailment is tuberculosis, lung cancer as well as fungal infection of the lung.

The common symptoms associated with both short terms and long term cough ailments are as follows:

• Hoarseness
• Runny as well as stuffy nose
• Shortness of breath
• Passage of the liquid from the throat to the back portion
• Bad taste in the mouth
• Heartburn

The home remedies for cough do not cause harmful side effects and they can even cure this ailment. For example, the lemons are rich in various properties that can reduce inflammation as well as offer solutions that are necessary for cough treatment. The best option is to mix up lemon juice with honey and cayenne pepper and then drink this liquid on a daily basis. You can also boil three to four cloves with water and then add one teaspoon of oregano in it. You should then allow it to cool down, add honey and then drink it. It will help you reduce cough ailment and give you relief in the best possible way. Another option is to blend hot milk with honey to cure dry cough as well as reduce the chest pain. It is vital that you should drink this mixture prior to your sleep.

Salveo’s herbal cough syrup Tuswas is more effective than the above mentioned home remedies. This non-alcoholic syrup is effective for all kinds of cough such as common cold, allergic cough, dry cough, nasal congestion and so on. The best thing is that it is safe for prolonged use and it also does not induce any kind of drowsiness.

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