Case studies are the reports about people, groups, or situations that have been studied. These studies basically aim at showing the value of using your product or services. Displaying case studies on your website can provide a number of benefits:

Provide an unbiased view about your company:

Customers these days, believe in researching before purchasing. So, when you put up case studies on your website, they actually work like verified online reviews and can help to sell your products or services. They further provide an unbiased view about your products and services.

Provide credibility:

Case studies are more like third party endorsements as you get actual consumers to talk bout your products and services. Including exactly the words spoken by the people who have used your products or services can add even credibility which further instills a sense of trust in your prospects by providing relatable human evidence of its value.

Boost SEO:

As you add new case studies to your site on a regular basis, the search engines rank you higher in search results. This is so because the search engines love fresh content. All you need to do is identify your target keyword. Once you are done with the identification process, you can use these in your content. Also, you need to make sure that the core of any case study is a specific product or service a customer used to solve a problem.

Facilitate your sales cycle:

There are instances where the sales members have to deal with prospects that have very specific problems or needs. In such cases, having a collection of case studies makes it easy to choose the most appropriate case that closely resembles their situation.This strategy can actually help in convincing the prospects to move down the sales funnel and benefit your business.

Source: Live Chat Agent