If you are trying your hands into digital photography, then you should be aware that most of the digital pictures could actually use some kind of improvements. It is because cameras generally bring on slight changes once it comes to the contrast, colors, sharpness, or exposures, mainly when pictures are already displayed on the monitor, as evaluated to when viewed on the digital camera. It is mostly true when you are taking photos of scenery or buildings when proper color and lighting is really important. This is where intermediate/basic photo retouching comes in.

Understanding What It Takes

When you can have your pictures retouched or edited professionally, like you changed ugly lips to full lips that looking beautiful, you can even do it manually with the help of tutorials. Even as, some software is available in the market, with the help of one you can retouch your photos professionally. Like if you want to remove forehead wrinkles in your photo then you can easily remove through editing software. If you wish to go into intermediate/basic photo retouching though, it will be good if you will use more sophisticated image editing program.


Doing intermediate/basic retouching through editing software would allow you do different things, and some of these are cropping the needless angles in your image. This editing software has a tool for cropping that would let you to do image re-composition and straighter crooked horizons as well. Even, there are cropping tools that have work grids that would help you in cropping your pictures as per to different basic compositions.

Color Balance

One more important thing under photo retouching that you must understand is correcting the photo’s color balance. Basically, the color that you get on your pictures fully depends on the white balance that you obtained with your digital camera. In case the white that you obtained was not actually that much white, then there is a propensity for some strange color to crawl into your pictures, mainly when it was taken in situations where there is some or no light.

Normally, there are three adjustment controls of the color balancing and these are the slider for temperature, the water dropper, the tint slider or the sampler tool for white balance. The slider for temperature allows you change the temperature to blue which suggests yellow or coolness that suggests tenderness. The tint slider is utilized to change green and magenta colors while the water dropper can be utilized to assess of there if the time and temperature adjustments done are already accurate.


To turn up with the most excellent photo, you have to be able to understand how to make the required changes to come up with the right revelation. It is where you must concentrate on the mid-tones and shadows of your picture without compromising the highlights. You will be capable to perform this by using the shadow adjustment and fill light sliders.

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