LUMBRICALS.COM is the physiotherapy  at home providing group in delhi and ncr . we provide our services to the patient or the individual who need the  physiotherapy at home services . if u too need  any such kind of services you can directly call us 7011345412

Our suggestion to stay healthy in life are as the following :-

1:- daily exercise  keep the body in fit and strong.

2:- morning and evening walk is must required for the old and children both .

3:- start your day with healthy meal and light weight and sugar free thing this will maintain the cholesterol level.

4:-while working or studying maintain the proper posture this will help u to keep working for more hour and that too pain less …

5:- if u are ill it’s always advisable to take rest and give your body the time to recover

6:- in the time of summer give your body the proper fluid it required and the salt


The best way to be to be healthy is to remain happy … happiness keep our blood pressure and sugar level normal it also keep us away from the depression….

The importance of happiness in order to maintain the healthy life is very important and necessary .


What are the physiotherapy  services that we provide:-

Physiotherapy at home , physiotherapy at home in delhi , home physiotherapy services , Orthopedic physiotherapy at home , Neuro physiotherapy at home, Cardiac physiotherapy at home ,Pediatric physiotherapy at home ,Old age physiotherapy  at home, Sports physiotherapy at home, Maternity physiotherapy at home, Preventive physiotherapy for Corporate  people .

In order to get our services please call us at 7011345412 or  9910160867. Or just visit the site  .