I found that there was an issue with QuickBooks file; I got a warning while I was saving the invoice. The warning said that QuickBooks had encountered some error, encrypting a credit card number of the customer and it cannot save it. And to correct this problem, please contact QuickBooks administrator.

I tried resolving the issue as to save the invoice was an important task at that time. First, I tried to verify the file and it said that it had erred to rebuild. Then certain questions start to strike my mind that:

  • How will I rebuild the file?
  • What are the risks that I may face?
  • Will the solution I will find work?

I had heard that rebuilding data is a built-in utility in QuickBooks that can fix a lot of different kinds of problem. But sometimes it messed things up. So a strong solution to fix the issue properly was required.

For that I was worried, but suddenly one of my friends called me to ask me the contact number of Intuit QuickBooks customer service number. I asked him the reason, and then he explained the same problem I was facing.

My friend told me that he had been trying to get Intuit QuickBooks support from a long time using the official website www.quickbooks.com, but due to a server issue, he couldn’t fix the problem.

After listening to him I provided him the contact number. And I even called the number. I explained the executive about the issue I was facing and requested him to kindly provide me the steps to resolve rebuilding data issues in QuickBooks.

The executive asked me to follow some steps, and I followed it. It really helped me out, and I was able to rebuild the data and save it again. It was not just me who got the right solution. Any QuickBooks user can use it to get the help.

Previous link: http://www.tellanews.com/2017/04/13/facing-technical-issues-while-activating-direct-deposits-in-quickbooks-payroll/#.WO8jgGmGOUk

External Link: https://intelliatlas.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/27000022301-quickbooks-enterprise-2016-is-freezing-abruptly-how-fix-the-issue | http://bit.ly/2dVF9tO | https://goo.gl/zw9DjM