While it is imperative to have carpet cleaning services once a year or every year and a half, you should not forget that you also need to take part in the maintenance of your carpet floors. If you have read the all the leaflets and information that came with your fabric piles, there shouldn’t be a debate that regular cleaning is also a must.

True enough, professional carpet cleaning can remove all the impurities and organisms that thrive on your floors. However, you should not solely rely on carpet cleaners alone and do your part of the bargain. Here are some tips you should do to keep your carpet clean and fresh while waiting for the next carpet cleaner to arrive.

1. Vacuum Your Carpet Properly

By the time your carpet floors were installed, you should have at least received information on how to maintain and care for your flooring investment. A few minutes of your time thoroughly reading instructions can save you all the hassle of repairs and emergency maintenance. Then again, manual instructions can be more difficult than what are written.

Running your vacuum cleaner on your carpet isn’t enough. You also have to ensure you get just the right power to drive the vacuum forward. Extreme settings can either damage the vacuum cleaner and the carpet or do not clean anything at all.

2. Don’t Forget Your Doormats

Calgary cleaning services experts can attest on how much dirt and grime can accumulate in any given carpet after a year or two, although it may take a while before homeowners start noticing. By the time most of us do, our carpets may have already been damaged.

Place long mats on each entrance to ensure anyone entering our homes won’t bring the puddle of ice, water, dirt, or mud from outside. You wouldn’t want to clean up every time someone enters the house and steps on the carpet. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about indoor mats in places where the floor can be wet at times, like the kitchen or bathroom. Moisture, just as dirt and grime, is not healthy for your carpet floors.

3. Attend To Stains As Soon As You See Them (Or When Spills Happen)

The sooner you address stains and spots on your carpets, the faster you will be able to remove them. Sometimes, it wouldn’t hurt to wipe the spot or spill as promptly as it happens, even and more especially when it’s water that wets your carpet. There are so many hacks to try when removing stains and spots on your floors with some effective ones being available in the kitchen.

Steam cleaning carpets can be very useful, too, although you may have to be very careful with the products and amount of water you use each time. While carpet cleaning materials and supplies are available in the market, you have to make sure they’re right for your carpet before making that purchase.