Have you noticed that your door doesn’t work as well as it should? Maybe it squeaks and groans whenever open or closed? Many of the issues associated with the doors can be mainly due to their friction hinge.

As a matter of fact, most people only understand the essence of constant torque hinges, which are made of two plates and a cylinder, and when the door is not functioning properly or have fallen from its supports entirely. You should know about the various issues that can be caused by improper hinges so that you can deal with proactively.

1. Creaky Hinge: This usually happens regarding dust setting within the rotating cylinder. The only way to deal with this issue is to lubricate the hinge torque so that the dust can’t cause extra fiction and thereby the irritating noise. Powdered graphite or silicone lubricant are very good choices.

2. Door falls off from its support: This may be caused due to more than a single reason. If the door is quite heavy then it should have at least 3 hinges, and not the regular two, to offer it proper support. A door may also go wonky in case the door frame is not robust enough and every hinge is fitted loosely. Frames and doors made of particle board usually cause this issue.

3. Rattling or scraping sound of the door when it is shut. This issue generally happens when the friction hinge is not placed flush with the jamb. It will not be able to move conveniently and this leads to the noises.

As you can notice, many of the common issues associated with constant torque hinges occur on account of them not being installed properly or manipulated. In fact, these issues will surely happen if you purchase the most expensive accessories and equipment for your doors. It is therefore best to hire an experienced person for the job; you will then have hardly any issues with them. Not to mention, you have to maintain them well to keep them in good condition.

It is also quite vital to purchase to purchase top quality hinges so that you can avoid any issues. Be sure that you only purchase products that are made from top quality raw materials and which have been manufactured to the highest standards. Not only they will look very enticing but also will last long on your doors.

Maintaining and checking the hinges is actually simple and wouldn’t really need much time. Old windows, doors and furniture that are seldom used can be prone to these issues. One thing you can do is to check it once a month or every other month. Frequently, with changing weathers, hinges may accumulate dirt and turn to rust which can affect the functionalities of the hinges.

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