Ayurvedic system of medicine suggests that it is highly important for each and every one of us to evacuate the bowels every morning. But, why it is so important? What will happen, if you do not have a bowel movement for a day? Experts state that not emptying the bowels in the morning will have an impact both on your physical and mental health. Attending to nature’s call and maintaining the rhythm of the body will make a huge difference in the overall health of the humans. So, it becomes important to make bowel movements regular.

Emptying bowel every morning: The clock in the human body always wishes to follow nature’s cycles. In the night times in the human body, the lunar energy or soma is more predominant. This means that at this time, the body will pay attention to nurturing, cooling, and also lubricating. On the other hand, when the sun rises, the body turns into the phase of absorption. At this time of the day, the burning agni is naturally activated in the body and the domination of solar energy will be high at this time of the day. If the bowel movements do not happen in the morning, you will carry the waste material that was created in the previous night and this might absorb some more waste materials in the system. This means that toxic build up will happen and constipation occurs. But, herbal constipation relief supplements will help with relief.

What are the effects of toxic build up?

When there is toxic build up in the system, it will weaken the immune system. In addition, it will add some extra weight to the lower abdomen, which is stated to be the seat of apna vata in Ayurveda. This part of the body not just takes care of the sexual functions, but also elimination and menstrual cycles as well. So, to ensure the health of the lower part of the body it becomes important to make bowel movements regular.

Do not ignore urges and do not wait:

Ayurvedic principles state that every human should evacuate the bowel each morning and they should feel that the colon is light and clean. When proper evacuation happens, one will feel relaxed and energetic. A couple of times evacuation is normal, but one should evacuate at least once in a day. So, do not ignore nature’s call. If you have difficulty with regular bowel movements, you might be constipated and you can rely on herbal constipation relief supplements.

Arozyme capsules:

To make bowel movements regular in a natural manner, individuals with difficulty in evacuation can rely on Arozyme capsules. These are herbal constipation relief supplements and these capsules due to its healthy and effective herbal ingredients will help with regular bowel movements. This means that these capsules will contribute towards improving overall health in humans.


To make bowel movements regular, the herbs which are part of Arozyme capsules are Madhur Kshar, Sonth, Sanay, Ajwain, Dikamali, Hing, Poudina and Haritaki.

So, these herbal constipation relief supplements are the best for individuals looking for safe constipation relief.

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