Highly Educated Celebrities in Bollywood

Highly Educated Celebrities in Bollywood

As long as they woo us with their performances on the silver screen, we do not really care about if

Bollywood actors and actresses come with any acting degree or any other degree, for that matter.

To the naked eye, they might be just all about the item numbers. There are many Latest Bollywood News and Gossip Masala Video where you can see the how educated are the celebrities of our

Bollywood Cinema. Some of them are:

1. Amitabh Bachchan – He might not be as young as the other celebs on this list, but surely is as educated or even more. After his graduation, he went on to do a double major science and arts from Kirorimal College. And also has been awarded honorary degrees from Queensland University Australia.

2. Preity Zinta – She is one the highest educated actresses of Bollywood today. Due to her passion for English and Shakespeare, she went on and did her bachelors in English Honours.And also did a graduation program in psychology and did her master’s in criminal psychology.

3. R Madhavan – A person who is well educated, highly qualified and soft spoken, made adifferent career from bollywood. He completed is graduation in electronics and represented India as a cultural ambassador in Canada. He was also awarded the best NCC cadet and got a chance to go to England for it. He was rained with the royal army, navy and the air force. He also did some courses in public speaking, and all this he did before entering in bollywood.

4. John Abraham – It’s not always beauty with brains, sometimes it is both the brains and the brawns. After school he did bachelors in economics and an MBA in management studies. If he did not get a break into bollywood for his looks and great body, he would (probably) have ruled the profession of media planning (his profession before he took up modelling).

5. Sonu Sood – who would have ever imagined that the funny villain in R..Rajkumar, would have been an engineer in the parallel universe. You can find Sonu Sood’s Comedy Videos In Hindi from his movies like R.. Rajkumar, Singh is King and many more, but rarely peopleknow that before entering the silver screen, Sonu wanted to become an engineer.Beneath their starry and sparkly smiles and blockbuster performances, these actors are armed withdegrees and diplomas that assure them of a great career even after Bollywood.


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