Trio is cheerful to report that Trio Tots, the most substantial preschool in  Hsr Layout,Bangalore which has been given a regard for “Development in Preschool Curriculum” at the World Education Summit 2015, New Delhi. Trio has brought the gage of Trio Tots’ presence class rule to Preschool in HSR Layout with its new out of the plastic new centre intrigue. Trio Tots has trust in keeping the appeal of youth alive all through the trip of learning. We have softly accumulated a wondrous world where learning is clearly, in a charmed territory with love, regard and a significant measure of fun!


At Trio Tots, The day Care school in Hsr Layout in Bangalore we have made past the controls of standard classrooms; we have changed, confined and imitated them into Learning Centers. Each inside permits young people to submerge themselves completely into the what, why, where, who and how of a specific get ready. We endeavor to bolster the entire character of the kid with the target that they flourish with the planet past school.


TRIO TOTS the Preschool in Hsr Layout offers playgroup for family of the age of 2 years, Nursery for the age get-together of 3 years, Kindergarten 1 and 2 for successors of 4 years and 5 years independently. Playgroup acquaints kids with the boggling universe of play based learning and examination. Nursery would like to pull in adolescents through striking portraying, pieces, music, workmanship and physical movement. Uncommon changing media rooms and learning labs have been made to help in the nursery course. KG 1 and KG 2 educational program have been set up to make a smooth move into higher classes. Teenagers at these levels know about new sensible learning systems. The establishments for basic aptitudes like analyzing, considering, watchfulness, examination, and intrigue is set up here. Our HSR Layout preschool correspondingly offers Day Care office. Finding a decent school for children these day is troublesome assignment , yet Bangalore city has come up the best IB school ,where you will get attractive consequences of all-round advancement of your children.