Being a small business owner, I used to send email messages to my clients and staff to manage my business. For some reasons, I was not able to use my Outlook mail and forgot the password. Despite my efforts, I failed to recover it. If you don’t have a password remembered or you have forgotten, then there are lots of things that can make a big mess and compel you think of why can’t I log into Outlook, why Outlook sign in problems, how to recover Outlook password, why Outlook email not working, and many more. As I had no idea why this happened, I went online and found a toll-free Outlook email support phone number to get what I have lost.

I had no idea if the number is valid or not. To fix Outlook email problems associated with Windows 10, I talked to my friends for getting some help and support resources. One of my close friends suggested me to try and check out the available content for overcoming email problems. Luckily, the phone number was right but Microsoft support professionals offered me no satisfactory answer for in the breaking of passwords applied to files and features in Microsoft programs. I also found another resources that help me on why can’t sign in Outlook email.

This resource took me to Outlook tech support helpdesk and the professionals simply suggested me to try Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password. They also offered me some commands and links to manually recover my lost PST password with the command.

If you are unable to make things happen even after using some resources and recovery toolbox, then you can also try some 3rd party software programs, I have a faith in them, to fix Outlook email problems ensuring your data is left untouched.

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