Some users have reported issues with activating their copies of Windows 10, which could have been because of a number of reasons. Among the users who reported the problem, one was my sister who was recently gifted with a laptop from my dad. As a new user, she was unaware of things that can muddle with windows 10. So, looking to solve out the problem of activation after installation, she enquired me to resolve the issue as she was unable to do so.

Being an expert in IT sector, I suggested her easy move to resolve the case. So while suggesting a possible measure, I asked her to go to the official website of Microsoft Windows 10 support. She followed it and carefully went through the information and description about the ways to resolve her apparent problem.

Since she was very new in the web search area and finding the right data, so for her better assistance and understanding I helped her get connected to Windows 10 support number, which she got from the support website. There, she enquired Microsoft Windows tech support executives with a query on Windows activation and was informed that Microsoft has introduced a new troubleshoot feature that provides a downloadable copy in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. And by downloading that and using the some DIY instructions given on the official website, activation problems can be easily resolved.

After having some assistance from authorized website and Windows support professionals, she was able to fix the problem in some easy steps.  I would have wondered if my sister was the single user to report the activation issue. So, all who are facing issues need to get some troubleshooting steps from the right and official support resources.

The easy ways to activate Windows are now not far. You can feel free to call to the support team or take an advice or relevant information from the website directly for getting rid of persistent activation issues.

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