Jim Corbett National Park is a famous tourist destination in India which is known for its rich flora and fauna. This magical landscape is admired by visitors due to the presence of tigers. The famous Bengal Tiger Jim Corbett is present in this park and gives wildlife lovers and enthusiasts to witness this endangered species of Tiger in its natural habitat. If we talk about the history of Jim Corbett National Park then you will come to know that is glorious park was once known as Hailey National Park. Soon after the establishment of the park, the killing of animals was prohibited and the boundaries were made. Soon after in 1954–55, it was renamed as Ramganga National Park which again was renamed in 1955–1956 as Jim Corbett National Park, followed by the name of the famous writer and naturalist James Edward ”Jim” Corbett. This national park is also famous among wildlife lovers because it is the first park that came under the tiger reserve project for the protection of Royal of India that is its Tigers.

Spanning over an area of 520 square kilometers, this national park is a mixture of natural beauty and wildlife. One can never take their gaze from the hilltops, marshy slides, river belts, grasslands and the clear water lakes. Jim Corbett National Park is one of its kind and let visitors stay in the lap of nature. There are many resorts available at Jim Corbett National Park for the guests. These resorts are ideal for staying in the middle of the wilderness and enjoy the marvelous beauty. You can easily find the Best Resort in Corbett for your stay in your budget by going through few of the websites. However, it is advisable that you pre-book your resort rooms in order to have a comfortable stay and also to remain away from any last minute hassle. As this is the vacation season so you must book your rooms early and have a rejuvenating stay.

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Wildlife safari, bird watching, elephant safari, Corbett tiger sightseeing and all other activities are a fun you can add on to your trip. If you love natural beauty then Jim Corbett National Park is a virtual haven for you. Not only Corbett National Park but also the nearby areas are good to visit and spend some quality time in peace and solitude. The biodiversity of this area and goodness of nature are very much pleasing for all individuals. So, if you are looking for some adventure then come to Jim Corbett. Book your rooms and activity package with IRIS Resort. It is the best resort where you can get all the luxuries, pleasantries and facilities within your budget.

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