In Abu Dhabi, the second most populated city of the Gulf, international business interests make it essential for locals to learn the English Language. However, to do business and travel abroad, the language must be learnt under the mandates and various standards of the internationally recognized IELTS course. While the biggest schools and colleges in UAE or other cities of the Gulf already have English as an important language group; IELTS preparation is fundamentally different from academic language studies, requiring specific coaching techniques.

When you are looking for a center to prepare for IELTS in Abu Dhabi; your training must be more towards communicative and practical English application rather than simply academic  linguistic studies. The IELTS training system isn’t very difficult, but essential for non-native English speakers if they have interests towards a solid international career. While the course is comparatively simple, personal development and self learning has a huge role to play. It also requires expert trainers and faculty, because IELTS preparation is very much about learning to communicate at a personal level.

Here are 8 facts you need to know about the IELTS course

#1 IELTS is not only important to qualify for Visas to English speaking countries, but a necessary certification for Visas to most other countries. This certificate is applicable as mandatory for business, work, or immigration requirements in most countries.

#2 If you have business interests abroad, or you want to study in another country, you will need a proper IELTS certification from a recognized institute. The exam isn’t very difficult, but formal preparation is important if you want a high score!

#3 Even for people needing to communicate with international contacts in UAE or the rest of the Middle East, it is very important to take this kind of formal language preparation.

#4 The tests come in three phases, Part I being ‘Listening’, then the written, and finally an oral exam. Most candidates have felt that the ‘Listening’ and ‘Oral’ rounds are the toughest, but the written exam is the longest and most critical.

#5 IELTS has no age restrictions, however, most students take such a course just before or after college studies. Professionals who have landed job opportunities abroad also need to find the right institution to help them train for IELTS in Abu Dhabi!

#6 If your English skills are generally strong, and you don’t need a training course, some of the bigger institutes are also direct certifiers for the international applications.

#7 IELTS preparation has a lot to do with direct communication and personal interactions. This is why you must have a study group if you really want the best preparation for such a communication oriented course.

#8 While there are many institutes in UAE that have English speaking and communicative courses for non-native speakers; remember that IELTS courses hold a very distinct certificate, and your institute has to be recognized by The British council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and The Cambridge English Language Assessment.