The most disturbing issue in the recent years among people is rapid hair fall after a certain age.  The hair fall issue is taking place at a huge rate with no such proper solution. Mainly there are two vital reasons for the loss of hair. One there may be a genetic issue and secondly, due to uncontrollable pollution, the hair loses moisture the roots get weaker which leads to the fall.  It has been found that both men and women after reaching the age of 40 experience the issue of hair fall.

Though there are solutions to hair fall but nothing can be compared with a hair transplant. This is the most innovative and scientific surgical process that is taking place in the recent times.   Many cities in India have hair transplant clinics to cater to the public. Hair transplant Delhi is the most popular destination in the country.

Here we will be talking about derma roller for hair growth.  It helps to stimulate the growth of hair for both male and female.  Usage of derma roller is quite popular in almost all the clinics. This is indeed very productive for the growth of hair.

The roller helps to trigger the wound in the body. It is a needle-like structure which helps to stimulate the production of excess proteins which is responsible for the growth of new hair follicle.  Apart from this it also stimulates proper blood circulation and increases the nutrients to the follicles.

Derma roller is used for both men and women and is the best instrument used to eliminate baldness.

Derma roller has certain ways by which it can be applied. Let’s point out the various steps in doing that.

  • At first, it is very important to do a complete massage with the hair restoration product on the scalp. This is the first step that gets ap
  • Then one should use the derma roller from the front of the head by touching all the hair lines till the back.
  • This process should be repeated until the time the entire scalp area is covered.
  • One should roll on the needle on each area for a minimum of fifteen minutes so that it gets covered.
  • At the last, one should apply the hair restoration spray and do a proper massage.

Hair loss is indeed a menacing issue for many people. All over India, people are suffering from it without a proper solution. Though the metro cities have got transplant clinics which are working quite effectively.

Derma roller is highly significant in its use and has been adopted by many people. Not only hair loss but this particular needle also helps to deal with skin problems. The hair needs various nutrients for its growth. To stimulate hair growth derma roller infuses nutrients to the dead hair follicles.

Apart from Delhi, hair transplant Delhi is also quite established.  There are several good surgeons who are contributing to this surgery.

Derma roller method is highly popular and is even effective. Even the doctors are suggesting patients to undergo this process.