Banquet halls are wide open spaces leased for social functions like wedding and family affairs and corporate events like seminars and symposiums. They are often standalone venues or tagged with a club or pub or with a restaurant.

There are many factors that need to be looked at while shortlisting and finalising banquet halls. Hosts of the parties and events shortlist various party halls in relation with budget, location, pricing, facilities and services.

The location of the hall is also important. The halls of the cities are situated in such an area, that none finds it tough to locate. Although most places are enlisted on google maps, it is always advisable to check whether they are correctly listed, road conditions and traffic updates. As thousands of guests will be accessing the venue, one don’t want them to have an undesirable experience siting the venue. It is vital to look at the menu as some places comprise of the chaat, fresh fruits etc. as a part of the menu while others demand to subcontract this which lands up in in additional cost. So while shortlisting venues, do keep in mind the menu and food concerns. One should also inspect to guarantee that the venue has sufficient parking and that the rest rooms are neat and user friendly. Quality of food and pricing should be justified. The menu whether done in house or by a third party caterer should be well spread, full of varieties, tasty and value for money.

Services and amenities offered by the management should be noted and well inspected beforehand. Depending on the nature of the affair, one should also inspect to see that the venue one has picked can come up with audio/visual gadgets, charging stations and Wi-Fi connectivity without cost. The banquet comes up with some basic furniture and items like tables and chairs and elementary decorative stuffs. The interior decor of the venue one choose should be spotless, contemporary and well themed. Now, if one is perhaps planning to embellish the hall to suit the event, but if the venue itself is tumble-down or run down one can never have much to work with. Most venues offer elementary amenities for their clients.

But the most important thing to be counted while finalising a banquet hall is its capacity. How many guests can the hall contentedly accommodate is the fundamental concern. Consider the guest list and book accordingly. If one books a hall that is so large the guests will feel uncomfortable too. So in a nutshell; it needs to be well balanced, that can accommodate the right number (the figure on the guest list) happily and flawlessly.