When someone talks about motorcycle luggage; what generally pops up is saddle bag and tank bag. They are the most common forms of luggage associated with motorcycle and used by riders and experts. Read on for few detailers about are two most important motor cycle luggage of Royal Enfield.

Saddle Bags are as simple as dangling them over the motorcycle and binding a few leashes. If hardware is compulsory, it’s generally a small, widespread support that holds saddle bags from touching the rear wheel. When sold independently, these supports can be available in any relevant store. These bags meant for Royal Enfield are made from ripstop nylon with separable units. It has a jagged theme that only enhances gradually with time.

These bags are water resistant and all weather repellent and offers extra shield against storm, rain and pollution. The designs has reinforced stitching and durability is never compromised on Royal Enfield saddle bags. The bag has multiple pouches to carry all road trip essentials hassle free, systematically in several compartments.

Tank bag are most indispensable item of motorcycle luggage. They are available in wide array of sizes, shapes and for different mounting positions.  These tank bags include rain shields, carry grips, cable ports for power supply and headset strings, retroreflective particulars, and extension zips. If there are explicit features one is looking for, one need to intrude into the details of specific tank bags to explore what they have or are deficient in. Some convenient features one will find comprises clear pouches for maps, phones or GPS headsets; inner and external pockets; interior compartment separators for consolidating pockets; peripheral daisy-chain loops; shoulder belts and detachable tablet pouches. Royal Enfield store even deal with Camera tank bags, master tank bag and tail bag.

One of the most interesting advantages of saddle bags is due to the soft-shell or semi hard design, one can stuff oddly form items into it. Most of the saddlebags are with prompt release devices to detach the bag from the support. As they are stationed at the back of the rider, saddlebags won’t disturb the riding situation. And since they are placed at low levels, saddlebags don’t alter and divert a bike’s centre of gravity to a large extent.

Some tank bags have really well sorted out features, which comprises of a 15-liter bag, a 25-liter bag, and a map pouch. Each can be used individually or all at one go and it changes into a backpack with ease and in a hassle free manner.