The landscape of Digital Marketing has changed significantly since last 5 years. Many people are moving out from computers and laptops and using mobiles and tablets to search web and interact with content. Nowadays, blogging and video marketing has started drawing many audiences .Many Digital Marketers prefers writing blogs and using techniques like SEO to rank their blogs on the top page of the search engine. Some people uses videos to promote their content and their products and services. This process is called as Video Marketing.
Video marketing is a special type of digital marketing where top digital marketers create a short videos of 2-5 minutes about different topics using content from article and through other sources. The user then uploads the video on the websites like YouTube, dailymotion etc for higher distribution and higher visibility. Nowadays, almost one third of the people who uses internet spent their time watching videos and to be honest that number is growing on daily basis. So if anyone wants to nurture the audiences about their products and brands, why not use video marketing? All you have to do is to connect the audiences ,educate them about their products and brands and then convert them into customers.
According to various surveys, about 52% of the digital marketing professionals consider video as the content that generate maximum ROI and also many consider that video converts better than any other medium. But that does not mean that just making videos is answer to all your marketing goals.If you want to be successful, it is important to make videos which delivers right messages to the audience, nurture the audiences by giving extra information about the product and also maintaining production quality which will differentiate your brand.
There are three ways through which Video Marketing help in growing business:
1) Video helps to move content rank higher-Video marketing helps in providing content for your customers in a new way which help them to stay engaged .Websites having videos are more likely to rank on the first page of the search engine. Companies which are using videos are more likely to generate more online traffic than the companies which doesn’t use videos. For that to happen ,it is important for the companies to create a good quality content which viewers will come and watch and share and will get engage with your brand. Quality content will also have impact on search ranking. So it is important for the company to create a professional ,meaningful content that customers will enjoy and will drive into marketing success.
2) Video Marketing improves Brand Identity-When you are promoting your products,your customers will know about your company logo ,about your product ,what services your product will be delivering yet the customers want to know who is the person behind the launch of the product. By using video, we can know about the person who is responsible for the launch of product, who is humanizing your business and also who is creating the content.This will increase the overall trust of customer towards your product as customer will know about your product.
So improving business identity will increase the loyalty towards the customer.It improves brand loyalty .If by using videos ,we build a brand loyalty which will be help in retaining the customers that you have.
3)Video Marketing has higher User Engagement-Almost 88 % of people are spent more time on watch videos on websites. It is recommended for the companies wants to sell their products to the customer can create a video about the product and upload it in website. This will help the product in reaching the customers. It is also seen that sharing videos in social media websites generates more than 120 times share than text and pictures combined. Website can reach the audiences who are active on internet, which means customers have limited way to find you online if you are writing content. If we add videos it will increase the company’s chances to expand onto different platforms.
What also makes video marketing great is also the fact that it can fit in any marketing plan and different industry.If you create video on what business you are doing ,how you are promoting your products and also give the customer chance to see about your business then nothing is better than video marketing. So start using video marketing, and grow your business