Buyer’s guide to curtains, blinds

The right window preparations frame a view, sunlight and filter breeze and provide privacy when needed.


Whether you prefer heavy curtains or soft candles that float in the breeze, “Curtains can be used to frame a room’s window layer or add warmth, movement, and texture,” says Paul Hecker, director Hecker Guthrie. Traditionally kept in the rooms and formal living rooms, there is a growing trend for pure motorized curtains and open spaces. Most knowledgeable style owners also cover muted colors and popular floral prints and inspirations. “We’re going to see a change in the” beautiful “fabric and a sweetness away from minimalism,” says Toby Gray, BQ Design Director. Organic gray tones now offer a modern upgrade of cream and white, rich colors and can be introduced to complement the room color palette. The only rule? “The curtains should always touch the floor,” Paul said.

Curtains care

The sun, moisture, and pollutants all curtains damage. However, most wear is the result of tissue manipulation. Bars and sticks do not straighten hands, while quality coatings help reduce fading. In the case of doubt as to the washing requirements, they always have their professional cleaning curtains.


Sustainability, traditional craftsmanship and modeling and color blending were key textile trends that emerged during this influential year to live Heimtexil in Germany. Expect to see more ethnic influences and natural imperfections on the fabrics and a change of curtains as a design device, not just a decorative element. “Previous trends for curtains are concentrated in them is a feature in space, either by bold fabric or heavy treatment,” says Andrea D’Cruz, director of RLD. “The apparent trend now is its use as a tool to improve the design space and the views beyond.” , Open plan living, dining and contemporary kitchen areas “may look fantastic, with a sheer curtain to smooth the connection between the interior and exterior,” agreed interior designer Fiona Lynch Lynch Doherty.

Call green

The eco-conscious can choose natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and bamboo, or collections such as Green Dreams of Crowson Monkwell, made from recycled fibers. The new generation of PVC-free polyesters, such as “Trevira CS”, used in many Création Baumann curtains, requires less water for fabrication and can last three times longer.

Upper heads

Carnations. With a selection of rings, nickel-plated brass, brass or antique, which are ideal for lightweight fabrics. One of the main advantages of buttonholes is the piles of fabric back to leave most of the view.

Soft and relaxed. “I prefer to take a casual approach to the game curtains, so we avoid folding the tape,” says Paul Hecker. The result is a fresh and modern finish, the curtain seems to cover naturally.

Fitted wardrobes. Actually integrated into the architecture of a room, recessed panels hide curtain rails in the ceiling space for a simple finish.


Translucent blinds to Roman and Venetian wood, lasting beauty blinds is your ability to control light – and disappear as needed. “Blinds are an excellent solution to achieve light control with minimal design impact,” says Andrea D’Cruz. A less formal style of window treatment, they tend to be relegated to areas of the family where the lock styles of UV protection daily and the addition of night insulation. The roller or motorized sliding panel can also be easily controlled over large areas. While transparent styles spread the light without losing sight of it, in winter, “The most important thing is to make a comfortable large room,” Paul Hecker, who often covers blinds behind the curtains. Prefers soft Roman curtains, which can be rough, textured or glued with a locking fabric.

Design with blinds

Simplified side design, the main attraction of the vision blinds is its ability to block heat and glare. “One of the biggest problems in the interior of Australia is disappearing,” says Paul Hecker. “Blinds offer protection from the sun.” The wide styles are good for open spaces like blinds or curtains lined rollers. They are also good in small rooms, since, “They make the room look bigger,” says Shana Buchanan Bayliss blinds manufactured by Bayliss. “Above the window frames, blinds are the window look bigger, and above the folding doors, they are out of the way.


In line with global textile trends, organic textures are great news in blind design. “We see a swing away from more technical fabrics – which tend to lack character and can have a flat appearance – for fabrics that have interesting textures,” says Jennifer Elmer of Designed Shutters Australia. “There is also a tendency to” go back to nature “with linen and soft fabrics in the neutral color ranges.” Stronger color blinds are also on the radar. “We are doing an agricultural project and we choose a blind fabric in the rooms that is black on both sides,” says Fiona Lynch. The Japanese continue to lead the world in blind technology, systems such as the individual Venetian lanyard, blind ‘day and night’ blinds and the motorization of timers and solar collectors in development. Ecological shutters also expand more and more.

Blind care

Most stores do not respond well to water or chemical solvents. Instead, dust regularly and then clean the stains. Roman curtains, roller, vision blinds and cellular can all be vacuumed – use a soft brush attachment and be careful not to stretch or pull the fabric. Venetians rarely need more than a cloth with a soft microfiber cloth.