Blended Learning is a method of learning in which technology or E-Learning is combined with classroom learning which improves the learning experience for both instructors as well as the learner. Each and every learning method has its pros and cons. Now the question arises whether Blended Learning in Corporate Training is good or bad? Let’s take a look at both advantages as well disadvantage for blended learning.

Firstly let us look at advantages of Blended Learning. It provides individuals’ customized training experience as face to face instructions is combined with technology provides personalized feedback.  If they are having difficulty in one particular topic, they can get help from their trainer as well as access online resources. Moreover, blended learning provides 24 *7 access to learning resources. Employees don’t have to wait for their scheduled training to clear their doubts and queries. They can get help from online resources anytime, anywhere.

Blended Learning makes data tracking of employee performance more convenient and efficient.

Organizations also gain the opportunity to figure out which activities are effective and which need to be modified in order to meet performance goals and objectives. Blended Learning also leads to cost saving of organization by reducing the cost of training. This is due to the fact that blended learning can make the training process more effective, but does not need as much time or money as traditional training.In addition, the training courses can be updated and expanded in a fraction of the time, as there are no printed materials to worry about.

Blended Learning has some disadvantages also. Like if trainer or employees don’t know how to use the learning technology or if they use learning technology ineffectively then it can lead to wasting of resources and company many not get the result they are looking for.  For blending learning to be successful, it is important that make sure that employees have basic technology knowledge or willingness to learn. One other disadvantage of Blended Learning is that purchasing the learning technology for your blended learning programs, such as infrastructure setup and devices, can be costly especially in the case of the larger workforce or several departments.

We can conclude that Blended Learning has both advantages as well as disadvantages. It depends on organization to organization; if they feel benefit of Blended Learning outweighs the risk, then they must go for it