As HP printer users, we might face some common technical issue while printing. HP printer stops printing is one such issue that is encounter by every second user in the market. Though the problem is not worse but it leads us to the frustrating situations and hinders our job unexpectedly. It is not necessary that we have to go to the technician immediately because this problem does not affect other drivers and features of HP printer. If you think and find that the problem can be easily solved by, then you can try those methods. I took help from the internet because I was unable to resolve the problem myself. And fortunately, the problem was easily solved by HP printer support without holding it too long. The customer service contains a team of certified and specialized technicians and professionals who have the ability to holding and managing the complicated technical issues.

If there is no error message pointing you to the problem, check to be sure that printer is still properly connected via USB or Ethernet cable or—if a wireless model—that the Wi-Fi is enabled and that you are connected to the right network. The printer driver and software should properly be installed on the computer you want to print from. It is also possible that driver is corrupted; try to reinstall driver; check the manufacturer’s download page for the latest version. If it still doesn’t work, check out the troubleshooting section in the printer’s User Manual.

You have other alternative too if you are getting in a mess and unable to resolve HP printer printing issue. You can dial a toll-free Hp printer support helpline phone number by which you can get trouble free methods under the supervision of experienced technicians. For more technical guidance, visit and have informative data related to HP printer and its issues.

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