Today, most of the organizations are using acoustic panels to control and reduce unwanted sound and noise. It offers an ideal solution to control the sound in the built environment. These acoustic panels are made up of timber wood. Timber wood panels are widely accepted by people owing to its renewable material.  Almost all offices face noise problem in their offices. These noises not only distract employees, but also have a huge impact on the productivity of the company. Noise problem certainly affects the work environment. Having a good sound environment in offices would help in motivating employees to be efficient.

Nowadays, people are installing acoustic panels to make office area, conference rooms, cafeteria, etc., completely soundproof. These decorative timber wood panels help in enhancing the beauty of the room/office thereby diminishing the unwanted noise. One can also customize these acoustic panels according to their requirement.

Organizations are increasingly installing timber wood panels on walls and ceilings ensuring a user-friendly and peaceful environment. Acoustic panels are designed in such a manner to absorb sound waves across a range of frequencies. Perforated timber panels have better performance rate at low frequency, whereas fabric covered acoustic panels perform better at a higher frequency. Nowadays, these sound absorbing acoustic panels are available in aesthetic design and decorative type with a beautiful finishing. Acoustic panels are both effective as well as powerful. They are available in different size depending on the needs and the requirement of an organization.

Benefits of using timber wood panels in your office:
Reduces Reverberation
Reverberation causes the sound to bounce off on the surface of the room due to which you cannot actually distinguish which is an actual sound. By installing sound absorption panels in the offices, the extraneous sound is absorbed while making the room more comfortable acoustically.

Reduces Background Noise
Timber wood panels are more obvious when comes to control sound. By using sound proof panels, you can solve the clarity issues of sound. Sound panels help to reduce all extraneous noise and help create more peaceful and stress-free environment.

Improve Aesthetics in a Room
Acoustic sound panels come in a variety of color, texture, and material.  You can select any one of them depending upon your budget limit. You can also customize these panels with a photo or child’s artwork.

Improve the Peacefulness of a Room
Acoustic panels can impact the quality of life. It reduces chatter, din, and noise in crowded gathering spaces, restaurants, or bars. Timber wood panels are intended to improve sound quality within the room that are installed by diminishing sound reflections and dropping reverberation.

Timber wood panels provide perforated, grooved and slotted ceiling and wall panels which include fabric acoustic panels, acoustic wood panels and acoustic clouds and baffles.