Cleaning your carpets regularly helps prolong its lifespan thus providing you the benefits of a cozy, comfortable living space for a few more years. While you can get professional carpet cleaning once a year to help maintain it, you should still do your part. Steam cleaning carpets can contribute to do your fair share of the maintenance, but you have to be extra careful. Carpets may be a very sturdy fabric, but with improper care, you can expect your flooring to deteriorate faster than you could imagine.

We’ve gathered some steps to do and things to avoid when carpet cleaning. This includes both DIY and professional cleaning precautions you should be mindful at all times. Remembering these steps by heart can work magic for your flooring investment. Read on and thanks us later.

The Musts

1. Professional Cleaning Once In A While Helps

Manufacturers suggest having your carpet and area rug cleaning at least once every 18 months, although spaces, where foot traffic is heavier, can use more frequent carpet cleaning services.

Should you own oriental rugs and carpetings, Calgary cleaning services can do the job once every four years. This type of carpet maintenance should be done in their cleaning facility to ensure a thorough removal of grit and filth and a total restoration of the texture and color of the rug. At this point, you must make sure you deal with reputable firms to avoid any unfavorable circumstance.

Avoid #1: Don’t try Oriental rug cleaning at home.

While it can save you money and worries to have carpet cleaners tackle your oriental rugs at your home, this is a practice any homeowner must avoid. Hot water extraction can leave these delicate area rugs damp thus suffer from detergent and water damage in the long run. Unless they can offer to dry your rugs at home completely, do not try this at home.

Avoid #2 Too Much Bargaining

Because your dealing with professionals, we don’t expect Calgary carpet cleaning to be cheap. When you’re shopping around for a carpet cleaning firm, the lowest price doesn’t always relate to a positive experience. Also, don’t sign up with companies who can’t give you a reliable and consistent pricing. They may be efficient cleaners but can be overpriced.

2. Frequent Vacuum Cleaning Does Magic

You don’t have to force yourself to do this every day, but do not neglect your rugs and carpet by not doing vacuum cleaning at all. You can opt for this method once or twice weekly or more when you have kids and pets at home.

3. Rotate Your Carpets At Least Once A Year

The least thing you would like to happen to your rug is to have uneven surfaces. Annual carpet rotating can help maintain its shape and form. If you can use a pad underneath your rugs and carpets, the better.