As sports fans ramp up for another exciting season, a big question is boggling the media and the sports franchises, how to keep their team fans close, engaged and connected. An executive meeting is held about the marketing strategies and how to follow the insights of fan following. Digital marketing gives a simple solution to all these questions.

Topics discussed here are about content marketing, Social media strategies and networking opportunities, and their generic impact on multicultural sports. If you have missed the updates from the gathering, don’t worry we picked the keen and important tips for you

Fans love to share content

Sports are not limited to stadium and Television these days, Every sports fan is using Laptops and Smart Phones to get connected with their favorite teams for latest updates, score and team news.

In this digital era, Strategies are developed to engage fans in intelligent ways. Teams started to attract fans by creating visually attractive content like info graphs, videos and webinars, Teams are using better animations and designs for statistics. These attractive visuals about schedules, team news and scores encourage fans to share content across the social media.

Smart Phones are a major objective

Marketing on Smart Phones is taken the world by storm. According to a research there are 3.65 billion unique mobile users around the world. From the Nielsen report 2012 60% of mobile and tablet users check the sports content on their devices at least once a day.

It’s very safe to assume that most of the millennials own at least a smart phone or tablet; these fans can be engaged by providing them mobile friendly content and in a user interactive way using Facebook and Twitter.


Franchises Believe in Social Media

Social Media is the first place fans check for the latest scores, team updates. Teams estimate the engagement of fans on respective channels and develop a strategy according to it which encourages their fans to engage even more.

Pro-kabbadi showed the results, how powerful Digital marketing through Social Media can be. League uses Twitter with daily Hash tags ( #Lepanga ) and also shows the Team battle score which are estimated from the twitter hash tag’s and mentions of the team names. It will not be a wonder if T20 world cup and IPL2016 following the same strategy this year.

Key Note- Digital Marketing is the key

Fans are already engaged to their favorite teams which make marketing a bit easier to the franchises. Main challenge to the teams is to create unique and interesting content. So, hire a Digital Marketing expert to quickly engage your fans.






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