Gagal homes have pioneered the Service apartments business a long time ago by not only understanding, but also implementing the quintessence of the service apartments which is essential for the success of this business. What it means is that Gagal home sets the trend in the market by implementing product innovation strategy. The people at Gagal home can foresee the market future trend and then focus their resources in order to improve and deliver the service that will be benchmark for the upcoming trends.

Above mentioned is the reason which differentiates between Gagal home and its competitors, and placing Gagal home as the market forerunner of the India’s Service apartment industry.Following its philosophy, Gagal home has now developed the Theme Based Apartments for its ever evolving and ever growing niche Customer base.

School Based Suite:-The people at Gagal home identify with the emotional attachment to the past of its customers; therefore the Gagal home has developed the school based theme suites which brings out the nostalgia of the school memories forgotten deep down their hearts. These school based suites have a very unique interior which resembles with the setting of the school classroom.

Furchester suite:-Understanding the funny and cheered up nature of the customers the Gagal home has built a Furchester theme based suites. It means that these suites will give a break to the customers from their normal way of living and can have total fun while staying at furchester based theme suites. The colors of the walls are totally different from each other but the color of the walls supplements each other and brings up a jazzy feeling into the people staying there.

Corporate suite: – People at Gagal home values the importance of their customer. Therefore the Corporate suites are elegantly built to complement the persona of the customer. The contemporary interior is fully furnished with the basic essentials required by the Corporate Traveler in order to provide the same comforts & facilities relative to what the customer experience at the home. Gagal home provides the extraordinary personalized customer service incorporated with class and calm ambience at to their customers.

Palace Suite:-As the name suggests Gagal home built these suites on the idea of providing their customers a grandeur experience of staying at palace. Customers can avail the personalized butler service, news paper service, complimentary tea or coffee, 24-hour internet service and dedicated car service. The palace suites at the gagal home embrace the fusion of enduring elegance, style and sophistication.



Arabic Suite:-The Gagal home not only serves the Indian based clients but it also has a international travelers and corporate availing the services of the gagal home. So in order to give the international clients a home experience the Gagal home has built a Contemporary Arabic suite which is equipped with all the essentials needed by international customers. But it doesn’t mean that a local client cannot avail the services of an Arabic suite, it just depends on their personal taste.


Suites at Gagal Home are specially designed to meet the Corporate Requirement and are cost effective.

The suite designed at the Gagal homes is the combined effort of every person on the development team from a designer, to architect, and to every consultant to have opinion on every detail of suite. Therefore our suites are specially designed for the corporate, which are equipped with every little essentials required to give the home experience. People at Gagal home given the attention to provide every comfort to their clients during their stay

Gagal home provides the suites which have king size mattresses for comfortable sleep, an office friendly workstation where you can use your laptop or tablet for business purposes, every suite is designed for comfortable night stay which is achieved by remote controlled light system by which you can change setting according to your need. Every service provided in the room is automated and can be controlled with just a button of remote. So, overall everything is taken care of for the clients to have calm and stress free stay at Gagal home.

As we know luxury comes at price, so we at Gagal home have taken care of this constraint which forces the customer not to avail suite services. Gagal home provides the best cost efficient suite service in realm of the service apartments industry which sets apart Gagal home from its competitors by not compromising the Luxury and efficient delivery of services.