Seo (Search engine optimization) is the major part of digital marketing, which plays a vital role to increase the traffic, website rank and increase sales. Seo is the basic form digital marketing, one should have a knowledge of it, to achieve some height in digital marketing.
The world is getting digitalized, and everyone is moving to the digital world, online platform to get engage by some way or the other, doing business, providing service, and getting socially connected with social media’s. The point is, everyone in near future, will deal with internet, to increase their online presence.

Let’s take one small example of  “photographer”, they click pictures and spent hours and hours to post and promote their clicks online , by posting on social media’s like facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr, pininterest etc, this make them engage with lots of followers, to showcase their talent, and few photographers have their own websites and blog, which helps them to create huge no. of traffic to their website. So , only having website doesn’t work for them, they need to do seo and digital marketing for their website and blog. Let it be a photographer, dancer, shopkeeper, any artist or any business entity, everyone will need it in future.

It is the time for seo and it will grow more and more, There is a huge career opportunity in this field, as every industry need seo service for their website.

Opting it as a career is one of the best option and have a very advance growth in this field.
So , you can go search for “seo course online”, having online course will save your time and money, and in addition you will get a live practice ,one on one class facility.

Why should you opt online seo course?

  1. It gives 100 % placement for job seekers.
  2. It is on high demand.
  3. It is on huge trend.
  4. Every industry need seo service these day.
  5. It’s very easy to learn
  6. Anyone can do this course and choose this as their career.
  7. It has a very high career growth.
  8. It gives very handsome salary.
  9. It is recession free job.


Now let’s talk about the benefits of online seo course.

  1. For fresher’s : Job starts at Rs 10000
  2. For seo executive’s : Job starts at Rs 12000
  3. For seo expert’s: Job starts at 25000.
  4. For freelancer’s: Income starts at Rs 35000.
  5. For agency’s: Income starts Rs 45000.
  6. For business owner’s: You can do seo for your own business.
  7. For website owner’s: You can do seo for your own website.

Who all can do seo course online ?

  1. Job seekers
  2. Businessmen
  3. Entrepreneur’s
  4. Working professionals


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I Hope this article will help you!