We are a community of brothers and sisters, who are connected together by our chain of self-help. Join us today and let us help each other.

Positive Chain Reaction

When you hook onto our Chain, you are taking a positive step forward towards improving your financial situation. With you, our chain keeps getting longer and stronger.


Registered to our website, Choose your suitable plan, get 1:1 and double your money. No gender discrimination, no age limit, all are welcome. We provide videos for better understanding our concept.

Your Financial Chain

Helperschain can be your long-term investment partner. We are here today, we will be here tomorrow and we plan to be around for a very long time. I have seen many people taking benefits using such schemes, Likewise Nigeria I believe this should be taken by government to help people in a such way. People are helping other people.

HelpersChain is a platform where people are helping people and Fund raising, It is more then a Ponzi Scheme, similar to Twinkas and MMM. However, below are the points which differentiate helpers chain from any other website.

  1. We are not like the rest who were here today gone tomorrow
  2. If we say we will pay in 14 or 21 days, we pay on the day
  3. We have built our service so we will be here for a very long time
  4. Why jump around when you can get peace of mind in one place?
  5. Helperschain works!
  6. Helperschain have live support!
  7. A friend told me about helperschain and she got paid
  8. I got paid!.
  9. Somebody that was supposed to pay me did not and they dealt with it quickly !
  10. These guys seem to take security seriously!….i was forced to verify my number
  11. All the people in my office are members of helperschain
  12. Their website is always up.

Key Benefits

  1. We are secure
  2. Our community just keeps growing
  3. Our site is open 247!
  4. Our website never crashes
  5. Live Support
  6. Time wasters not welcome
  7. We verify all members
  8. up to 100% return on investment plans
  9. Leading Brand for Future


Our motto to uplift your financial condition. Build the pillar of future with us. You pay us, we build your future. Let us have a long term relationship and double your money. This is not only the Ponzi Scheme, it is the Return of Investment (ROI).

What differentiate us from others is our commitment.

We are also available on weekends, no holidays, and serving you the best.

We are trending Nigerian Service and also actively working on all social media platforms.


Please feel free to visit our website www. Look at the Testimonials and talk to the users who have already taken the benefit using our community. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask our experts who shall be happy to assist you.

Our team is available 24*7, You can also login to the site using your social media account. All the information you entered is secured and we are strict for our users policy.