Buddhist circuits are the sacred places of Buddhism, and have lately evolved as tourist places, and are open for everybody, and not just the followers of Buddhism. Buddhist circuits are associated with the life of Lord Buddha, as these are the places related with the birth of Lord Buddha, where he taught, gave sermons, and also achieved enlightenment or ‘Nirvana’. Buddhist circuits are pious homes of Buddhists, housing temples, as well as monasteries carrying great religious importance where Worshipers visit In order to unite themselves with the preaching of the Lord.

Lord Buddha traveled across many countries, but the most primary among these are the Buddhist circuits of Nepal and India. In India, these holy places are in Bodhgaya, Varanasi, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. In Nepal, the destination is in Lumbini.

  • Lumbini – located in southern Nepal, it is the place where Prince Siddhartha, who later became Lord Buddha, was born. That is why it is the place from where the route begins.
  • Bodhgaya – situated in Bihar, it is the place where Prince Siddhartha became Lord Buddha, meaning he attained enlightenment after the meditation of 49 days under the Bodhi tree.
  • Sarnath – 10km ahead of Varanasi, this place is graced by Lord Buddha’s first sermon. Also, the famous lion capital pillar was actually erected in this place by Emperor Asoka, the great.
  • Kushinagar – located close to eastern Uttar Pradesh, this place witnessed the declining health and death of Lord Buddha in 543 B.C. thus; in this place he attained salvation.

The route of Buddhist circuit begins from Lumbini to Bodhgaya, then Varanasi, and Uttar Pradesh in the end. It is believed that the route is undertaken on the lines of Lord Buddha’s life, starting from his birthplace to the place where he attained salvation.

Buddhist circuits of Nepal and India is the most revered places for Buddhist followers. Later, the great emperor Asoka played a major role in spreading Buddhism across the world. Enamored by the life of Lord Buddha, those who believe in non- violence, who wish to spend some moments of their lives in peace would really love these places.

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