From the days of the first smartphone launched by Apple to the days of fingerprint sensors, smartphone technology has come a long way. Screen size has increased, with a significant boost to RAM, ROM and Processor capabilities. Humans have been in a constant hunt to make this gadget stronger by each day owing to its portable size and immense multitasking capabilities. Every year sees an array of new features and 2017 will be no different in terms of the latest launched mobile details.

1.An eye for an eye:-

Sounds strange? Apple does not think so. Its upcoming smartphones are likely to make use of a technology named “ocular scanning”.  To provide to the point gadget reviews, ocular scanning also known as “eye vein biometrics” is a technology developed by EyeVerify. This will enable a smartphone to perform retina scan as its security lock. Fingerprint sensors are also likely to make way for this technology in near future as Apple claims ocular scanning to be three times stronger and safer than all existing fingerprint sensing technologies.

2.Cameras know everything:-

Clicking someone’s picture with your smartphone sometimes become so difficult owing to its inability to distinguish between a human and a picture. With the likes of Qualcomm, this problem is going to come to an end soon. Its new artificial technology knows if a person is clicking a human or an animal. Things should be interesting when this camera will make its debut in the world market.

3.Even stronger processors:-

It was not long ago when a dual-core processor in a smartphone was marked as a powerful piece of hardware. What if that dual core processor is powered up 16 times more? That’s right. Get ready to welcome 32 core processors. With the aim of making smartphones an all-around gadget scientists have taken Moore’s Law to its extreme level. If it is rightly incorporated, new microarchitectures might have to develop to harness this power. Sources say from latest launched mobile details that in the near future, smartphones will be stronger than today’s desktops.

4.Screens that bend:-

This technology has been in speculation for quite a long time now. When Samsung released its Galaxy S6 edge with curved edges, people thought that is what a bent screen looks like. Well, if someone provides upcoming gadget information Samsung YOUM flexible LED and Corning Willow Glass will not be new to him. With the advent of elastor polymers and flexible circuit boards, features such as dual sided viewing, tempered glass edge and foldable single widescreen technologies are not very far from reality.

5.Cameras will identify handwriting:-

Thanks to Qualcomm once again, smartphone cameras will soon be able to recognize handwritings as well. To provide to the point gadget reviews, Qualcomm has made this possible by using some third party software which is yet to be unveiled.  It claims to even identify a “doctor’s handwriting” as some say. Introduction of such a technology will make typing and making documents much faster and an easy going task. 

Summing Up:-

With all the latest launched mobile details at hand, it is surely tempting as well as worth waiting for such technologies. Considering the speed at which smartphone technology is advancing, it is not long before eye sensors and flexible screens will make its way into our hands. All such latest updates are available on online websites that provide authentic speculated news like the above new technologies. Visit such sites and find out more.

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