Just like water, RO water purifiers have also become the necessity today. If you want pure and healthy water for yourself and your family, then getting RO installed has become imperative. Since water these days is not even close to being clean; the need for reverse osmosis (RO) water purifying system is increasing with each passing day.

Recent studies have found that water, in past few years, has become more contaminated and unhygienic and sometimes, also contain bits of metal. So, what would you prefer? Drinking unclean water and visiting doctors, or consuming clean and healthy water and living life all hale and healthy? As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”, so, getting RO system installed in your house as well as AY workplace would be a sound option.

A wide range of commercial RO systems is offered in the market so that you can select from them as per your needs, and that will depend on where you want to get it installed. The range starts from 25 LPH to 1000 LPH:

    • 25 LPH machine – holds 25 litres per hour,
    • 50 LPH – holds 50 litres per hour,
    • 500 LPH – holds 1000 litres/hour,
    • 1000 LPH – holds 2000 litres/ hour.

For household purposes, RO systems up to 50 LPH are considered enough, while for bigger places like offices, industries ROs with high capacities are preferred.
RO companies offer many services along with and after installation. So, before you buy RO system, various things to be considered are:

    • The company should be ISO 9001-2008 certified
    • Company’s staff should consist of trusted, experts and skilled technicians
    • It should be able to conveniently implement customization of commercial reverse osmosis systems (shipping, installation, maintenance), as per the requirement of the customers.
    • It should take care of the fact that the customers face no difficulty, or worry about any sort of issue in commercial RO plants.
    • Guarantee and warranty of the product should be given any kind of problem that might arise in near future.
    • Any problem in the RO system should be immediately taken care of by providing services at the required place.

Aquafresh RO is a well established, reputed and recognized company that provides immediate and authentic services as Commercial Ro water manufacturers, dealers as well as suppliers.