Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband is a lofty performance wrist wearable band that made by a world class manufacturer named Fitbit which already became a famous brand for creating unique gadgets.

Fitbit charge HR wireless activity wrist band made with latest technology and stylish look which is comfortable with all situations. This fitness tracker will take care of your heart rate track of your daily activities automatically.

This fitness tracker gives you a cushy fit in your hand and you can easily wear it any time, any where.It starts working automatically from the time when you wear it. This is the greatest feature of this fitness tracker.

By using this HR wristband you can look after your heart rate throughout all the day, tracks daily steps and the distance you passed away even floors you climbed. It mainly calculates the calories you burned. By using this fitness tracker you can easily meet your daily targeted workout. It also tracks your sleeping activity. Like other fitness device you do not need to knock manually, It will automatically switch in sleep mode based on your activity and heart rate.

This fitness tracker has an OLED display by which you can easily look after your all records and history . You can easily access it and measure your activity time to time.This device sends you all call notifications if you synchronized with your smart phone.

Long lasting battery life gives you consistency if you charge it before using, it takes about an hour to make battery full and it will stand by five days .This device easily synchronize with Windows PC , Mac OS, Android and Windows phone. By using Bluetooth or cable makes a connection to get all notifications.

Fitbit charge HR is water resistant. Some liquid like rain, sweat and splash can’t damage it. But we recommend that please take it off during swim or shower time. Furthermore, it will be good if you keep it dry and clean.                                                                                                                                         For more fitness tracker reviews visit